What is a Bahamian Food Tour?

Our guided tasting and cultural walking tours take you on a 3-hour entertaining culinary adventure through historic Downtown Nassau, seamlessly combining delicious and authentic food and drink flavors with some serious fun. Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, you will experience local delights from one-of-a-kind specialty food stores, locally-adored restaurant landmarks and flavorful ethnic eateries while gaining fascinating historical, architectural, and cultural insights into the island's commercial and political capital city. You will leave this tour filled with new culinary perspectives, a comfortably satisfied stomach, and the confidence to continue exploring Nassau’s full spectrum of restaurant offerings, sites and attractions.

We recommend booking your tour at the beginning of your stay so that you will be well informed and know all the best eateries to visit at the beginning of your vacation.

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Why This Walking Tour?

  1. ESCAPE Bay Street’s busy downtown strip as you slow down and discover Nassau's off-the-beaten path sites and local flavors not found in your guidebooks
  2. SAVOR one-of-a-kind delicious food tastings from 6 locally adored eateries, specialty food stores and authentic, family-owned restaurants. You will not leave hungry!
  3. INDULGE yourself in Old Nassau's riveting history, vibrant culture and charming architecture while you're at it.
  4. TRUST a team of professionally trained tour guides that are both locally experienced and internationally certified. Plus- we're all incredibly passionate about food!
  5. SUPPORT and engage with local restaurateurs, artisans, entrepreneurs and fellow food lovers.
  6. LEARN how to properly pronounce "conch" and why it is considered to be such a beloved and mythical local delicacy in Bahamian culture.
What To Expect

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